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Achieved by startrescue.co.uk which is
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Cycle Rescue

Cycle Rescue

Whether it is used as part of a daily commute, or for recreational purposes, over 3 million people within the UK rely upon their bicycles on a weekly basis. Punctures, broken pedals, snapped brake cables...are all problems which can halt any cyclist in their tasks and is why Cycle Rescue is relied upon by thousands of cyclists.

Product Specification

Call Assist is able to offer the following cover for bicycles, tricycles, tandems and electronically assisted cycles.

  • A 24 hour dedicated service
  • Assistance more than one mile away from home anywhere in the UK
  • 3 callouts per policy year
  • Message service to notify family/employer of the cyclist's situation
  • Cover for accidents, vandalism and breakdowns
  • Rider, pillion and cycle will be taken to the nearest repair shop, point of amenity, or home

When cover is included within a core cycle insurance product offering, home insurance, or other membership/subscription, Cycle Rescue is a low cost, tangible product, which provides an excellent USP and can be provided on both an insured or uninsured basis.

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