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Customer Charter

Customer Charter

It is our intention to provide insurance schemes and services which meet the needs of our customers, whilst delivering them in a highly efficient manner. We aim to remain a leader in respect of service quality and product innovation.

We believe that communication with our valued customers is the key to our ongoing success and we are committed to continued investment in content clarity and information technology.

We believe that Treating Customers Fairly is delivering a fair outcome to our customers whilst offering a first class service to them. It is embedded in the culture of Call Assist and our partners can be assured that:

  • We are transparent in the manner in which we conduct our business
  • We welcome and actively encourage customer feedback
  • We encourage and support our staff to continue their professional development
  • We are conscious that our business is looking after the customers of our partners

We constantly monitor all areas of our business to ensure that:

  • Customers can be confident they are dealing with a firm where the fair treatment of customers is core to our culture
  • We consider our customers when we address new services, products, system amendments and procedures
  • Our customers are provided with clear policy and claims information
  • We keep customers informed of the service they will be receiving when they make a claim, by remaining in regular contact
  • During a claim, we take time to understand our customers’ situation and ensure the service we provide, is the most suitable and appropriate in accordance with the needs of the customer and their policy entitlements

We firmly believe the mark of a company is not just a reflection of the complaints it receives, but also how problems are handled when they occasionally arise. Due to the emergency nature of the service we provide, Call Assist's service is reliant upon technology, machines and humans. We are therefore realistic and understand that in providing a service ‘at the event’, there are sometimes circumstances beyond our control which can alter the service we normally provide. Please click here to see how many complaints we receive.

Crucially, we are committed to ensuring that when there may be a problem, adequate resources and resilient procedures are in place to ensure any problem is dealt with efficiently and professionally, determining the root cause every time. If we have made an error, we will rectify the situation and above all else, we will learn from our mistakes by assessing and implementing procedures where necessary.

Whether you are reading this as a prospective business partner or an existing customer, rest assured our experienced and empathetic Customer Services Team is focused on protecting customers.

If you haven't received the service you would expect from Call Assist, then we need you to contact our Customer Services Team so that we can investigate the matter. You can also contact our Customer Services Team to thank us for the service you received; your gratitude will be passed on and will be much appreciated!

Call Assist’s Customer Services Team can be contacted in the following ways.

Telephone 01206 771788
Email customerservices@call-assist.co.uk
Post Customer Services
Call Assist Limited
Axis Court
North Station Road

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