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Achieved by startrescue.co.uk which is
a trading style of Call Assist.

Product Development

Product Development

Call Assist is able to analyse a wealth of claims data to develop niche and unique products, which appeal to specific customer profiles or to overcome common sales objections. Past examples include a ‘weekender rescue’ product for the classic car owner, ‘human error’ cover for new car owners, or ‘key assist’ claims handling for when keys are lost/stolen.

Through use of technology and analysing customer satisfaction surveys, Call Assist’s resistance towards complacency ensures improvements are always sought for existing products. We offer Smart phone apps and encourage the use of low cost telephone numbers, we also offer B2B administration websites which provide a readymade and compliant method of selling cover, which all contribute towards the ease of policy fulfilment and making a claim.

Every scheme Call Assist provides is bespoke and we would be delighted to consider any specific requirements you may have.

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